Saturday, 16 May 2009

Friday, 17 April 2009

This is for all of you guys in musictwilight for Baroque Music...

Hope it helps you all

Hannah x

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Wednesday - Day 6

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, we were very busy! In the morning we went swimming in the pool, celebrated Ben's birthday (Happy 5th) which was very cute and fulfilling (the cake was mahoosive). We then went back to the pool and played with our cousins (who were all very sweet). We played a game in the pool, dolphin trip, it was more like a whale ride though because I went under water in my snorkelling gear and came up and spat the water that had got stuck in my snorkel out. My cousins really liked it, especially Alice!!! I also played this game with Becky where she went on my back and I pretended that I had no idea where she was, she loved it and so did the others who all asked for a go (or more than one go!) it was very cute :D.

At the moment...
I am sitting on the couch next to my cousin Alice, who is desperate to play a game on my laptop!!! I better get going... and let her play!!!

Planning to go to the canyon soon (after Dads finished tennis)!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Monday - Day 4

I haven't exactly written a lot over the past 2 days (sorry I have been very busy with cousin stuff) but heck, I am having a fantastic time here in Hawaii! It is just so beautiful!!!! OMG just look at this picture of this morning's view from our balcony ->


Anyways basically we have been chilling and relaxing so far on the holiday, it has just been so relaxed (a word that I don't normally get to use). I'm just having such a fantastic time.

I met Avvy the other day, SHE IS SUCH A CHEEKY MONKEY and is oh so cute :D. I was playing with her and my other cousins this morning and awww.... she was just so cute :] when me and my sister had to leave the house because we were going out she sat in front of the door so we couldn't get out... it was so sweet :D the other kids were also cute, we were all watching Star Wars - I <3>SNORKELLING

Yeah we went snorkelling today and it was amazing. It was like swimming in a fish tank. There were just so many fish I saw like an aquarium lol :D I am just hoping that Mum and Dad let me get an underwater camera then I can have some memorabilia... is that what we say??? I don't really know lol :D. I'm so jealous coz my Mum saw a sea turtle within 2 seconds of going into the water... JEALOUS!!! But hell I love snokelling :D

Tomorrow we're having a photoshoot for my Grandma and Grandad... should be fun (hopefully) so this is rather cool anyways I better get some beauty sleep...
Hannah x

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Kauai 5-0

Saturday - Day 2
At the moment I am on a 5h45m plane journey to Honolulu and then onto Kauai (for another 45 minutes). I am completely jet-lagged but to be honest I do not care because it's gonna be great! I am going to meet my cousin, Avvy, for the first time (I have never seen her because she lives in Canada) It's so exciting! I'm planning to put some pictures up so watch this space ->

Today is the actual reason that all of my family are here in Kauai. It's my Grandma and Grandad's golden wedding anniversary (woh) so HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

I'm loving turbulence
Me and my sister have worked out that after this flight we will have spent 16h45m on planes, and we still will have another 45 to go! Then we get to see all our cousins YAY! There's been a bit of turbulence on the way (which is just lovely) and I was just looking down from the plane, but the thing is that it doesn't look like the floor but the sky. It is so beautiful. The sea is so plue that it is weird but so pretty. Lol!

Missing you all in the UK! But no offence but I'm having a lovely time here! Missing you all though.

Hannah x

Carrying on with the holiday...

1.04pm Saturday

Am sitting, very relaxed in our Gate Departure Lounge, 2nd flight today! I have just worked out it is only 45 minutes (on a plane) to seeing my cousins again. I haven’t seen them in ages and I am just wondering how much they have grown up. What do they look like now? How do they speak? I’ll let you into why I haven’t seen them for so long...

Basically my Uncle got a job in L.A. so they moved over to the US for a 2 year contract. I have 3 cousins over there, Josh, Amy and Jess and they are SO cute! Apparently though they have all changed... Josh has developed an American accent (which I can’t wait to hear) and so have Jess and Amy. They are all going to have grown up J.

I have another Uncle (Chris) who has lived in Canada for around 15 years and he has a now married and had 3 kids with a Canadian, and I don’t think he’s ever going to move back here with them! However I have met their 2 eldest, Ben and Charlotte but recently they have had a kid called Avvy (Avril). I have seen pictures but OMG I want to see how cute she is in reality. I also can’t wait to see Ben and Charlotte because I haven’t seen them for 3 years, so it is definitely long time no see. J

Now waiting is just getting boring...I WANNA GET ON THE PLANE!

Still missing the Brits

Hannah x

Monday, 30 March 2009

Long time no see

I have had a bit of a break from blogger recently, I have had SO much work to do.... so yer.... I cant believe that now I only have 3 days until I am off to Hawaii.... IT IS GONNA BE AWESOME! I am honestly gonna love it so be prepared for a tan! I have my laptop, my tankini and my passport and that is all I really need to have a good time (apart from possibly some sun cream and good weather!)

I cant believe that I hav got my Grade 7 piano exam in just 2 days OMG! I actually despise my piano teacher, if anyone has any good ideas for teachers please let me know. He is just a very good pianist but very dis-organised. I mean recently he didnt turn up to a lesson in his own home i mean - come on!

Sorry about the rant, just needed it out of my system... anyway this is probably all from this blog for a while - I'm gonna do a holiday blog in Hawaii so this will probably not be being blogged on for a while!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day - for tomorrow

No one for me this valentines, but good luck/love to all you out there!

I have been ill today and yesterday with a bad throat, runny nose, dizziness, headaches and a high temperature. Me and my friends from school were planning to go into town tomorrow but now, because I have been ill, I can't go :( MAN it is so annoying being ill.

Goodbye Ms Garner
Our head teacher left today so goodbye to her.... we now have one of the deputies as acting head but we dont get a new head until next year... wonder who it will be...

No boys around
I now have no boys following me so I AM FREE!!!

And so everyone


Monday, 9 February 2009

Some people are just plain stupid

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation on msn, the boy who apparantly fancied me suddenly changed his mind, he said:

"After seeing you on saturday and spending a day with you I had thought about it lots and decided I don't like you, I hope I haven't upset you."

To be honest how would not having a person following you, and you know their intentions its just ridiculous.
I would like to say to him...

"Why the hell would I care? The only thing I found horrible was the after you saw me bit it makes me feel like you mean that when you saw me you changed your mind.

Also you are always taking things way too seriously. It's like you think that they are gonna stay with you for ever. Let this take you back WE ARE TEENAGERS! Don't take it so well. I am not gonna make a big deal out of it, but to be honest I reckon that if you carry on by saying things like i changed my mind when I saw you, is not gonna help the situation between you and girls..."

On another subject


Friday, 6 February 2009

Happy Birthday Becca!!!

If you're reading this Becca, happy birthday for Monday!!! I hope you have a great one... know what I am getting you now, I hope you like it!!! This picture is specially for you... yes its everyone, (L-R) Will, Me, Joe, Ellie, You, Leish, Andy, oh and Wes at the front!!!


Ok ok... so that picture was taken a while ago... it's still cute! Lol!

A little poem for your birthday about friends...

A friend is there for you no matter what you do,
They stick up for you all the way through,
The good times the bad times and all of the time,
They light up your life and help you to shine !!!!!

Hope you like...


Not much is happening atm, apart from it being Becca's b-day on monday... This guy still likes me and I still dont know what to do... It keeps on snowing on and off, but not enough to miss school, and OMG I am soooo bored....! Valentines day very soon......

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Been having a great time at the moment. School, as I have already said, was off on Monday and Tuesday and, unfortunately, we were back on Wednesday. Luckily I have had a really good time at school (woh!) and it has been actually pretty good, this is due to the fact that:
  • I got a laptop yesterday and it is B E A U T I F U L
  • I saw my friends for the first time in 4 days

Unfortunately yesterday and today the bus was awful OMG! Yesterday, the bus didnt even turn up, mum had to cancel her meeting with a member of her work, and drive us into school. However due to the apparent "icy conditions" on the roads, the traffic was R-U-B-B-I-S-H! We got into school 1/2 an hour late.

Today, the bus turned up 1/2 an hour late. My mum rang around 7.40 to ask where the bus was and the people on the other side of the phone said that the driver had left on time, but my other friend on the bus also rang up and the people on the other side of the phone said that the driver left half an hour late. Again we turned up to school half an hour late again. Normally we would have a detention but luckily they were kind due to the fact that it was entirely not out fault. Mwhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I am a winner!

Talk soon...

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Let it snow!

2 days of no school due to one beautiful thing... SNOW!!! O it was fantastic, I am planning to upload some pictures of it but im on the wrong computer to do it :(.

I am getting a laptop!!! This is so cool!!! It means now I dont have to worry about other people using the computer when I really need to so I am rather happy :) it is a HP 60-214EM and OMG its rather beautiful! It should arrive sometime this week so should be cool! I will keep you up to date when it comes - FROM IT!

So I went off the boy I liked and someone else came along... they told me they fancied me, that they loved me but werent ready for another relationship..... unfortunately he is my ex and I dont fancy him.... maybe time will change my mind lets just see if he stays loyal to what he has said...

Sorry for not writing for such a long time, have had rather a lot on my plate.....


Sunday, 25 January 2009


yes i know, weird heading but my mate wanted to be on my blog, so there you go alicia jones you are.... wooo!!! I will even put a picture of you on here... man its not working!!!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

My little train!


Yesterday was the Cantate Fun Sing. It was soo fun specially as I got to catch up with a couple of mates from Senior Choir and had a fantastic time. We then celebrated "New Year" with a few friends - we always do it but this year they were in South Africa so weren't here for the real New Year so we had an honourary one! It was really good - stayed up till midnight and had a great meal and nice chats. We also watched Mama Mia!
We sang Auld Lang Syne as well... I was the bag pipes!!!

The guy situation again...
It's still not going well... but it isnt as bad as a couple of my mates who split yesterday, the wounds are still sore! I have said that I will be ready if the dude (Will) ever wants to speak to me about it and the same goes for his ex-gf. It is difficult when you are in this situation... whose side do you take? I have decided to stay neutral... I really hope everything chills down. I still fancy this guy but I am starting to go off him. He has started to flirt with a friend from school who I introduced him to over msn... today he asked how many bf's she had or times she snogged... she said it was awkward coz she doesnt really know him... Oh well.... laters...

Friday, 16 January 2009

R.I.P. Italy Trip

Today has been the bringer of very bad news...


this is due to money problems, the total p/p was getting towards £1000 ... way too much. It's heck annoying though coz the senior choir still get their tour, how comes it is us who suffer???
Answer: Our trip is closer AND less people want to go on it... oh well, they said they were planning something in the summer instead, i am just hoping we get our money back...

Today was quite eventful, I shouted at an annoying person in my science class, who has now gone and told everyone that I told her to shut up and shouted but it doesn't matter! She had to see the teacher at the end (mwhahahahaaaaaaa evil laugh :D)!!!

I seem to have a fetish for grapes at the moment... mmmm i could eat so many of them yummy!!!! yum yum yum in my tum!!! I shouldn't eat too many though otherwise i will be all bloated before supper (which is succulent sausages and mashed potato - my personal favourite!) But there is no one to take them away... maybe they will just be my pudding before supper.... or not :D...

On the guy front...

Still no one in sight for little old me (sigh) although the guy I like i believe is falling for one of my mates. I'm in a stale mate coz I keep asking him about how he feels about her but he wont tell me coz he doesn't know why... WHAT TO DO?!?

Schools here...

Yay! School.... hmmm what do I say? Today is a mediochre day, but second is swimming! YAY!!! Anyways I still dont know what to do about the situation with the guy but I guess I should try and move on. Oh well!!! Maybe next time I should just not be so hyper and see where it gets me...

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tricky Situations

What do you do if you like someone and you know for a fact that they dont feel the same way? Well what would you do, because I dont know... I like this guy but he just doesn't seem to see me in the same light. I feel like I'm invisible, even when I like try and show him the way I feel about it he stays completely oblivious.
Maybe it's the way I look, the way my hair sticks out of places due to it being so curly, the way that I, admit, go a bit hyper with my friends. Maybe it’s time this geek grew up but I don’t think I want to just yet.

The First

Well i better start with something that will all grip you to read this. I am what could be described as a geek, yes i know it sounds weird, but I enjoy school, I have over 50 books in my keeping and I attend a heck a lot of music clubs. Ok so no one will read this blog, but it is a way to clear my mind . Even if people do describe me as geekish I don't know, I listen to alternative rock and have a life!!! My favourite people are guys who have inspired others to take control, normal everyday people, like you and me! Guys like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, and many others who have fought for a new life! I am looking forward to writing this blog, putting my true feelings onto, if you like, metaphorical paper!