Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Monday - Day 4

I haven't exactly written a lot over the past 2 days (sorry I have been very busy with cousin stuff) but heck, I am having a fantastic time here in Hawaii! It is just so beautiful!!!! OMG just look at this picture of this morning's view from our balcony ->


Anyways basically we have been chilling and relaxing so far on the holiday, it has just been so relaxed (a word that I don't normally get to use). I'm just having such a fantastic time.

I met Avvy the other day, SHE IS SUCH A CHEEKY MONKEY and is oh so cute :D. I was playing with her and my other cousins this morning and awww.... she was just so cute :] when me and my sister had to leave the house because we were going out she sat in front of the door so we couldn't get out... it was so sweet :D the other kids were also cute, we were all watching Star Wars - I <3>SNORKELLING

Yeah we went snorkelling today and it was amazing. It was like swimming in a fish tank. There were just so many fish I saw like an aquarium lol :D I am just hoping that Mum and Dad let me get an underwater camera then I can have some memorabilia... is that what we say??? I don't really know lol :D. I'm so jealous coz my Mum saw a sea turtle within 2 seconds of going into the water... JEALOUS!!! But hell I love snokelling :D

Tomorrow we're having a photoshoot for my Grandma and Grandad... should be fun (hopefully) so this is rather cool anyways I better get some beauty sleep...
Hannah x