Friday, 16 January 2009

R.I.P. Italy Trip

Today has been the bringer of very bad news...


this is due to money problems, the total p/p was getting towards £1000 ... way too much. It's heck annoying though coz the senior choir still get their tour, how comes it is us who suffer???
Answer: Our trip is closer AND less people want to go on it... oh well, they said they were planning something in the summer instead, i am just hoping we get our money back...

Today was quite eventful, I shouted at an annoying person in my science class, who has now gone and told everyone that I told her to shut up and shouted but it doesn't matter! She had to see the teacher at the end (mwhahahahaaaaaaa evil laugh :D)!!!

I seem to have a fetish for grapes at the moment... mmmm i could eat so many of them yummy!!!! yum yum yum in my tum!!! I shouldn't eat too many though otherwise i will be all bloated before supper (which is succulent sausages and mashed potato - my personal favourite!) But there is no one to take them away... maybe they will just be my pudding before supper.... or not :D...

On the guy front...

Still no one in sight for little old me (sigh) although the guy I like i believe is falling for one of my mates. I'm in a stale mate coz I keep asking him about how he feels about her but he wont tell me coz he doesn't know why... WHAT TO DO?!?


  1. Stop jumping to conclusions you silly

  2. 1. yeah, italy trip thingy is shit
    2. you never know with the guy front, and anyway, who needs guys when youve got ME


    3. thank you for being so nice today. really really really appreciated it.


    (btw, this is becca L)