Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Wednesday - Day 6

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, we were very busy! In the morning we went swimming in the pool, celebrated Ben's birthday (Happy 5th) which was very cute and fulfilling (the cake was mahoosive). We then went back to the pool and played with our cousins (who were all very sweet). We played a game in the pool, dolphin trip, it was more like a whale ride though because I went under water in my snorkelling gear and came up and spat the water that had got stuck in my snorkel out. My cousins really liked it, especially Alice!!! I also played this game with Becky where she went on my back and I pretended that I had no idea where she was, she loved it and so did the others who all asked for a go (or more than one go!) it was very cute :D.

At the moment...
I am sitting on the couch next to my cousin Alice, who is desperate to play a game on my laptop!!! I better get going... and let her play!!!

Planning to go to the canyon soon (after Dads finished tennis)!


  1. Sounds funnnnnn.

    I have my own blog now. :)


  2. Amazing... i was particulary worried by the swimming pool bit...

  3. hannnnnnnnaaaaaaaah im so jeaaaaalousss

    ahhhh sounds like you are having such a good timeee aaaaaaahhh

    hi from englanddd

    luuccccccy XXXXX

    your creme egg was veryyyy nice btw ;:)

  4. Missing the Blog Entrys, Keep 'em comin' :D