Sunday, 5 April 2009

Kauai 5-0

Saturday - Day 2
At the moment I am on a 5h45m plane journey to Honolulu and then onto Kauai (for another 45 minutes). I am completely jet-lagged but to be honest I do not care because it's gonna be great! I am going to meet my cousin, Avvy, for the first time (I have never seen her because she lives in Canada) It's so exciting! I'm planning to put some pictures up so watch this space ->

Today is the actual reason that all of my family are here in Kauai. It's my Grandma and Grandad's golden wedding anniversary (woh) so HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

I'm loving turbulence
Me and my sister have worked out that after this flight we will have spent 16h45m on planes, and we still will have another 45 to go! Then we get to see all our cousins YAY! There's been a bit of turbulence on the way (which is just lovely) and I was just looking down from the plane, but the thing is that it doesn't look like the floor but the sky. It is so beautiful. The sea is so plue that it is weird but so pretty. Lol!

Missing you all in the UK! But no offence but I'm having a lovely time here! Missing you all though.

Hannah x

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