Monday, 9 February 2009

Some people are just plain stupid

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation on msn, the boy who apparantly fancied me suddenly changed his mind, he said:

"After seeing you on saturday and spending a day with you I had thought about it lots and decided I don't like you, I hope I haven't upset you."

To be honest how would not having a person following you, and you know their intentions its just ridiculous.
I would like to say to him...

"Why the hell would I care? The only thing I found horrible was the after you saw me bit it makes me feel like you mean that when you saw me you changed your mind.

Also you are always taking things way too seriously. It's like you think that they are gonna stay with you for ever. Let this take you back WE ARE TEENAGERS! Don't take it so well. I am not gonna make a big deal out of it, but to be honest I reckon that if you carry on by saying things like i changed my mind when I saw you, is not gonna help the situation between you and girls..."

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