Friday, 6 February 2009

Happy Birthday Becca!!!

If you're reading this Becca, happy birthday for Monday!!! I hope you have a great one... know what I am getting you now, I hope you like it!!! This picture is specially for you... yes its everyone, (L-R) Will, Me, Joe, Ellie, You, Leish, Andy, oh and Wes at the front!!!


Ok ok... so that picture was taken a while ago... it's still cute! Lol!

A little poem for your birthday about friends...

A friend is there for you no matter what you do,
They stick up for you all the way through,
The good times the bad times and all of the time,
They light up your life and help you to shine !!!!!

Hope you like...


Not much is happening atm, apart from it being Becca's b-day on monday... This guy still likes me and I still dont know what to do... It keeps on snowing on and off, but not enough to miss school, and OMG I am soooo bored....! Valentines day very soon......

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